November News

Congratulations to our 2nd graders for receiving their First Reconciliation!  God has blessed them with His love and forgiveness.  We will participate in reconciliation during the upcoming Advent season.

I enjoyed meeting with all of you at conferences.  Your children are wonderful and they love to learn!  Please contact me anytime during the year if you’d like to check in.

Our Learning

Math: Continue working on place value, skip counting and #s up to 1,000 and Math Facts.  New skill: adding 2 digit numbers. This is an important part of the common core for second grade, continuing on with 2 digit subtraction, and then 3 digit numbers for adding and subtracting.

Religion:  The virtue of the month is generosity, and many students have shown this by bringing in food for our Food Drive, and bringing money for the St. John Parish Unbound Project.  As we celebrate our theme this year of  Be Kind and the virtues of the Holy Spirit, a World Kindness Day  was created on November 13.  Hopefully, this will show students at our school the importance of being kind to others.  We also go to church every Thursday for Adoration. It is so heartwarming to see 55 students and about 8 adults praying, and not one sound can be heard while we are there.

Social Skills

Ms. Shaw, school counselor,  taught us the “Talk it Out” strategy.  We did role-playing to practice this strategy to solve small problems.

I feel _____ when you _____. Can you please __________?

Mrs. Dahlgren, our recess manager, taught two lessons about friendship and tolerance with Peacemakers.

In the classroom, we are doing a program called Second Step.  There are 3 units, and there is a Family Home Link letter that comes home for you to practice these important skills at home as we do them in class as well as to inform you of the lessons.

Social StudiesWe completed our Washington State landform book and took a test to show what we learned. New Learning: This week we began learning about Thanksgiving today and Thanksgiving in 1621, so we can put together a Now and Then poster before Thanksgiving.

Writing: . We continue to write our weekend news with the who, what, where and when.  We have now added grammar skills and the main idea with 3 details to our writing.  For our Thanksgiving writings, students are given a writing prompt, and they are to complete them mostly with their imagination.  Today I learned that out of 23 students, only one knew that pumpkin came in a can.  Most students when writing how to make a pumpkin pie, said to get a pumpkin from the store and “smash” it.  I can hardly wait until reading tomorrows prompt, “How to convince your mom to make pizza for Thanksgiving dinner!”

With only a week and a half until the day of Thanksgiving, I wish all of you special blessings for the holiday.  May you enjoy your children that you gave to me to guide them in learning, and for everyone to be thankful for what they have, and show gratitude to others.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson





October News

Hello All-Star Families,

MAP testing is complete!  The kids did a great job persisting through the math, reading and language tests.  We will review the testing scores and other work at the upcoming conferences.  Sign up for conferences here:

Flat Stanley–Don’t forget to check on Flat Stanley to see when he will be returned.   This is a very important school project for Social Studies in 2nd Grade.

Homework– Homework is Monday-Thursday to be completed each day.  It comes in the packet on Mondays with a cover sheet to explain each assignment.  Spelling words are also attached to practice for the test on Friday.  Please check the box when the homework is completed.  If your child is unable to complete and needs more time, just write me a note on the homework cover sheet. Otherwise, your child completes it during recess, which isn’t much fun!

Math–  Students have been working on skip counting, not always starting at the beginning of numbers (count by 3s, starting at 27), and even/odd numbers. Now that MAP is over, we move on to various ways of subtracting,  then to place value.

Reading– In reading groups we are focusing on main idea and retelling the beginning, middle and end of stories read aloud or written. Students spend time reading good-fit books every day.

Religion– Students have been learning the different forms of prayer including memorized, asking for forgiveness (Act of Contrition), saying thank you to God for the many blessings, praying for others, singing, and now saying a decade of the rosary every day.  Our saint this month is St. Francis of Assisi, and the virtue is peace.  Please teach your children that peace is more than just the peace sign.

Grammar – We do daily grammar so that your child will understand the uses and meaning for capitalization and punctuation in writing.  We learned to capitalize months, days of the week and to include a comma.  Ex: Today is Friday, October 11, 2019.  You can help by guiding your child to begin sentences with a capital letter and end with punctuation.

Writing – Students are getting better at writing week-end news.  This helps with understanding the 5 Ws, in writing and grammar.  Currently, students are learning about writing paragraphs, another important concept of the common core for 2nd grade.


Reconciliation Class, October 15, 7pm

Kindness Mass, Wednesday, October 16th @ 9:00 – all are welcome! Dress uniform (white shirt, blue sweatshirt).

Hearing and Vision screening, October 17th

Jog-a-thon Celebration Day, FREE DRESS – We passed our goal – $82,000!!

Special blessings,

Mrs. Hendrickson



September 20

Hello Parents,


The Jog-a-thon was a blast today!  We were blessed with some sunny weather and many cheering fans.   Your kids ran and ran for Saint John!  We are so thankful for your support and appreciate all the donations you collected.  God bless you!


Flat Stanley has started his travels around the globe.  If you still have the envelope, now is the time to mail Flat Stanley so his adventure can begin.  Reminders: When Flat Stanley returns to you, contact me.  I will send home a sharing page for your child to complete.  Then your child will choose a date to present the sharing page, pictures or things that they got back.  Finally, they will make the place that Stanley traveled on our US or world map.  At the end of the year, we will have a Flat Stanley Open House with both classes.


STAR Reading Test – check your child’s folder for the reading test results.  You keep this copy.  The report will show you what reading level your child is currently reading.  This can help you select good-fit books.  If you need help choosing books for your child, let me know. Good fit books are so important as too easy means the reading level is difficult to get better, but too difficult means that they are concentrating so much on words that the comprehension is not happening (Goldilocks Rule).  To get better at reading, good fit books are important!


Library cards – Students will get their library cards on our first field trip.  Our first trip to Greenwood is this Tuesday @ 12:50 – return permission slips now. . On Greenwood library days, students can bring their own card.  After the first time, we will write down their number, and then they can either bring their card or ask us for their number.

Safety Lesson about Gifts and Secrets:  We had our safety lesson this week.  They learned: It is wrong for an adult or another child to ask a child to keep a gift a secret from his or her parents.  It is okay to say “no” when they feel uncomfortable or confused by how an older person is acting—even if the older person is someone they love and trust. You can speak up and tell a trusted adult when someone’s behavior makes them feel uncomfortable or uneasy.


Math facts  – all students have an Xtra Math code now, and have learned how to do this..  We will do iPads in the classroom so each student has one opportunity to use Xtra Math on Wednesday and Thursday.  The code has been sent home as well, and every student can practice at home to learn their facts to 20.  At home, this can be completed Monday- Sunday. What a great way to learn math facts to 20!


Grammar skills – Most days we do a short grammar lesson that includes capitals, punctuation, parts of speech and sentence combining.


Reading groups- Next week we will begin reading groups.  Mrs. McCarthy will begin on Monday, and other students will be assigned to groups , based on the STAR reading results.



Tuesday, September 24th – Greenwood library field trip – bring library cards.

Wednesday, September 25th – All School Mass – DRESS UNIFORM means wear the blue logo sweatshirt and white shirt.


Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Hendrickson




September 16

All-Star Parents,

It was great to see so many parents on Curriculum Night!  We are off to a fantastic start in 2nd Grade.  Here is a review of the most important information shared that night.

  • Flat Stanley and Flat Self came home on Friday!  Mail the manilla envelope to a friend or relative, hopefully not in the state of Washington as soon as possible.  Choose someone who is out of state or out of the U.S.  When Flat Stanley returns home, tell Mrs. Hendrickson.  Your child will get a form and a date to share with the class.  At the end of the year, both classes have a Flat Stanley Open House, and all the exciting things will be on display for you to see.
  • Student work is sent home daily in the folder.  Please take time to look at it so you know what your child is learning, take all papers out (except homework) and return the folder the next day.
  • HOMEWORK begins this week.  Please follow the directions given on Curriculum Night, and it is returned the next day in the folder unless otherwise stated.
  • Good-fit books.  We reviewed how to choose a good-fit book and spent time reading every day.  When going to either Greenwood Library (September 24) or St. John Library, students are required to have at least 1 good fit book for the classroom.
  • Religion.  On Friday, your child will read a weekly magazine called MagnifiKid, given to us by St. John Parish. Please take it to Mass with you every week and have your child follow along.

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson

September 6

Welcome back to school!  It’s been a busy, fun first week of 2nd Grade.  I’m looking forward to meeting all of you at Curriculum Night.  Be sure to come so you can hear all about 2nd grade, our projects, field trips and volunteer opportunities.

Curriculum Night – Please join us on Thursday, September 12, 7pm, in Egan Hall.


After school pick-up location change

Starting Monday, pick up your child at the morning drop off spot. We need adults to come to our line for pick up as we are still getting to know parents.  Do not have your child run to you.  Instead meet us along the fence and then have you child let us know so we are sure your child has been picked up and by the right person!

Playpit after school

Only supervised children are allowed in the playpitafter school from 3-3:15.  No teachers are supervising the playpit after school.  When the whistle blows, exit the playpit so the daycare can use the space.  Thank you!

Jog-a-thon fundraising starts now!                                                                             Thank you for supporting our school.

Specialist Schedule – Starting Monday, your child will have the following specialist schedule:

     Music & PE – Monday and Tuesday, 8:45-9:45

     Spanish – Wednesday, 8:45-9:15

     Library-  Thursdays, 2:10-2:50 (Great time to volunteer)

     Art – Thursday, 1:20-2:05


See you Curriculum Night,

Mrs. Hendrickson


September Welcome!

Greetings to all Second Graders and Families,

We are called the All-Stars, and I am so excited to begin a new year with all of you. Both 2nd grade teachers have been getting together to plan a wonderful year for students as a second grader.  We also teach the Reconciliation and First Eucharist classes through the parish, which is definitely a highlight in 2nd Grade.

You can find information about 2nd grade on this website, which will be a  tool for communicating with you this year as well as any classroom news.  Our daily routine and the curriculum are also listed.  We will discuss this on Curriculum Night so be sure to place the date on your calendar.

First Day, September 4:

  • Meet at the playground line marked with HENDRICKSON
  • Bring snack  (no nuts) and water bottle
  • Noon Dismissal
  •  Pick up your child on the playground between the portables and the alley entering the playground (basketball hoop)



Mrs. Pat Hendrickson