Auction Picture

Our All-Stars are holding our Auction Picture this year to be purchased by some lucky person.  It is beautiful, and we thank Stephanie Wade and all the volunteers who made this happen.  Someone is going to get a beautiful picture made by our 2nd graders this year!


Let It Snow!

The All Stars having been enjoying all the outside fun in the snow, especially since we live in Seattle, but on the days students were in school, they took advantage of using snow as a guideline for teaching and their learning:


Science (STEM)

Students listened to a non-fiction book called Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, learning that no two snowflakes are alike.  Next, students were taught in Math about the words hexagon (6-sided) and symmetry (all parts are equal), also applying the knowledge to a snowflake.

Snowflakes are unique (one of a kind), just like the students:




A way to teach students to be better writers is by learning figurative language, simile, in which one thing is compared to another for emphasis using the word as.  Similes are part of our second grade common core as well as using in the writing process:

Simile Booklets


Catholic Schools Week/February News

We had a wonderful Catholic Schools Week!  Here’s a review of the celebrations we had:

Sunday, January 27– Celebrating Our Parish – Thank you for coming to our last Open House in the portables!  The class was excited to share their Animal Reports, Sunset Silhouettes, collective noun poster, and their “I have a Dream” celebrating Martin Luther King.

Monday, January 28 – Celebrating Your Community – Students made thank-you cards for the Greenwood librarians for helping us check out books each month.

Tuesday, January 29 – Celebrating Our Volunteers – Thank you parents for all you do! We made thank you notes for  ALL our parents for helping in one way or another. Did you get your thank-you card from your child?

Wednesday, Jan. 30 – Celebrating Our Nation – 

Students learned the history of our American flag and made booklets with all our information.  It told us about Betsy Ross and the first American flag, the timeline of the flag, when states became part of the Union, and fun facts.  Their homework that night was suppose to be read the booklet to their parents.  Did you know at one there were 15 stripes?

We also celebrated our cultural background, and many students came in an outfit to display the origin of their family:



Thursday, Jan. 31– Celebrating Vocations/Teacher Appreciation Day – I felt very loved and appreciated that day!  Thank you for the flowers and the kind notes.  We made thank you notes to ALL our parents for helping in one way or another, hopefully your child gave you the thank you card.

Friday, Feb. 1 – Celebrating Students – Purple and Gold Day -. The K-2nd graders danced to “Can’t Touch This” at the all school assembly.  Free lunch was yummy!

Happy Catholic Schools Week!!  We love our Catholic School!

Pike Place Field Trip – Due to weather, we had to postpone our trip, but we are suppose to get a later date to attend.

Valentine’s Day: We will celebrate Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14th.  Names may be addressed on the front or left blank for each child.  Any candy or sweets will NOT be eaten at school, but taken home.  It is difficult not to buy the candy cards, but saving the candy for later will be a treat! Stickers and pencils are great for school.  Our room mother sent out a list of student names earlier for everyone to use.

Winter Break: No School Feb. 15-19.

This week we…

  • Writing – learned the writing process so that students can choose a topic of their own and write their story.
  • Writing – cursive letters continue.
  • S.S. – Started Pike Place Market, will continue when we get our new date.
  • Math – Completed 2-digit subtraction with great results, now moving on to 3-digit.
  • Religion – Studying the 4 parts of the Mass.  1st Communion classes begin when weather permits!

God bless you and your family!  Thank you for all you do for our school.  I appreciate you!

Pat Hendrickson

January News

Happy New Year

Students have  been very busy since we started our new year!  Read below to hear all about it!


In Reading, students are learning about non-fiction, and the differences from fiction.  Examples are headings, captions, diagrams, types of print, and illustrations.  Another portion of Reading for our 2nd grade common core is to read fluently.  On Fridays, different students do a Reader’s Theater for fluency practice.  Please keep these in their folder. If you find one in your child’s folder,  this is extra homework for that night, and is usually performed the next day.  Everyone has a chance to participate!  Grammar has been fun to learn about with different ways to use nouns, including singular and plural possessive nouns and collective nouns.  Their posters for their collective noun will be on display for our Open House, and their artistic talent definitely shows.

Author Study Steve Jenkins: This author writes non-fiction facts and creates beautiful collage pictures of animals. We’ll have over 20 of his books in class to read.  This video show how Steve Jenkins creates is amazing books.

Science and Writing:

Northwest Animal Report: For Common core standard, students are to do a research and writing project in 2nd Grade (W2.7), also part of learning about non-fiction.  Starting the week of January 20th , the students will be doing their own research and finding pictures at home for their animal project. Then, the final writing will be completed in class. This will be divided into sections with homework every night being a part of the research, and then the next day will be writing the final in class. Please help your child do the research.  The final reports will be presented to the class once the project is complete.

The final reports will on display at the Open House for Catholic School’s Week, January 27th from 12-1:30.  I hope you can come!

Social Studies: 

Mr. Scott Davies, Docent from Pike Place Market, visited out our classes on Tuesday.  We learned the history of the market and heard about what we’ll see when we visit.  Teachers  were provided a bag of books and lessons  to teach about the market.  And, we can’t forget that Mr. Davies brought honey sticks for all the students!  Pike Place Market Field Trip is February 11th, 9-1pm.  Permission slips will go home soon..

Martin Luther King: 

Students remembered the life of Martin Luther King with books, videos, and writings about what they would do if they could fulfill their dream for the world.  The tears brought to my eyes when reading some of their words showed me, “they got it”.  Again, please take the time to read them when you visit the Open House.  We finalized with the art project of a sunset,  and the words from a student’s Flat Stanley book, “We all live under the same night sky.”

Cursive:  Letter i, t, u, w, and e.

Math: 2-digit addition with 2-digit subtraction soon.


Thank you for allowing me to teach your wonderful children,

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson





Christmas Concert

The Christmas Concert was so inspiring this year.  All the students were fantastic  recreating the birth of Jesus with a play (and of course costumes) and their beautiful voices.  It was a great opportunity to share their talents with everyone,  so inspiring for the Christmas season.


                 Merry Christmas to everyone !                





Merry Christmas!

We made gingerbread houses, and it was so much fun that we want to share the photos with you!  Happy Eating!

Mrs. Hendrickson



Happy Thanksgiving

All-Star Families,

My wish for you is to have a blessed and fun-filled Thanksgiving, and  to be able to enjoy all the extra time being a family.  I am thankful for all of you and your wonderful children that make every day a great day for me to come to school and be a teacher.

Students have been talking about the different things that they are thankful for; take time to ask them and once they go past the basic answers, their thoughts are so special!  “I am thankful for my eyes so I can see  all the beautiful things God created.”  ” I am thankful for my friends so I have someone to play with.”  ” I am thankful for my bed so I don’t have to sleep on the floor.”  The list continues on and on ….

We have been doing writing prompts with a rough draft copy one day, final copy a different day and then illustrations.  You helped your child complete one of the pages for homework last week.  My Thanksgiving card to you is all the writings your child worked on that is coming home on Tuesday so be sure to find it in their homework folder.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson

November News

November I was so moved at the children’s First Reconciliation!  God has blessed them with His love and forgiveness.  I’m so proud of them!  I enjoyed meeting with all of you at conferences.  Your children are wonderful and love to learn!  Please contact me anytime during the year if you’d like to check in.


Important Dates:

Help for the Homeless – Kit Making – Tuesday, November 13th, 6:30-8 in Egan Hall.  All welcome to help. Thank you for all the donations!

Grandparent’s Day November 15th – Grandparents come to the classrooms between 10:45-11:00 to see the classroom.  Then Grandparents will escort the 2nd grader to Egan Hall.  No hot lunch on November 15th.  Bring a lunch to share with Grandparents.

Saint Reports Due due Tuesday Nov. 13th.  Students will read their reports to the class.  Presenting to the class is an important skill that we work on in 2nd grade.   Have your child practice reading their report to you so they feel ready to share.                                                                                                                                     2nd graders do three types of writing in 2nd grade for the common core, and this is the first  for informational writing.  Narrative writing has been our Weekend News, and all students are enjoying writing.

Our Learning  

Religion: Students are focusing on the lives of Saints and how saints changed their lives to follow Jesus as the Apostles did.  We went to Mass on All Saint’s Day, and talked about All Soul’s Day.  Then our saint report is telling our classmates about a saint.

For the rest of November, our focus will be things to be thankful for, and  showing respect and gratitude to others.

Math: Place value, greater than/less than, skip counting and #s up to 1,000 and addition facts.  Keep up xtramath practice.

Reading:  Spelling and phonics continue with practice for better reading fluency.  The current reading skills are main idea and details, the 5Ws for writing/reading skills, and sequence in a story.

Social Studies: We read a book about the process of voting for Election Day, then voted on whether we would rather do an art project with markers or colored pencils, which was a hard decision, but the result was colored pencils.

On Thursday, Social Studies was the importance of those serving our country, and the history of Veteran’s Day.   Happy Veteran’s Day!  Thank a veteran for their service.


Science: There are many things to learn about matter including the states of matter and their properties, building with solids, results of mixing a solid with a liquid for evaporation, using solids to make and remake a design with the given parts, and reversible/irreversible changes in matter. All Stars enjoy Science with all the hands-on activities!

The safety lesson was about getting gifts and keeping secrets.  It is wrong for an adult or another child to ask a child to keep a gift a secret from his or her parents.  It is never okay for a grown up to ask a child to keep a secret from their parents.  We reviewed the touching safety rules – No one is allowed to touch your private parts accept to keep you clean and healthy.

Happy and blessed Thanksgiving,

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson

All-Star Photos


Small pieces of a solid can be changed into other objects.


Building a tower with solids with 1 only of the following: cup, cardboard piece, foil square, popsicle stick, straw and rubber band.




Halloween Carnival


October News

You may have noticed the weekly magazine, MagnifiKid, coming home each Friday in your child’s folder.  This is a gift from St. John parish for all 2nd graders.  It is meant to be taken with you to mass so your child can follow along with the liturgy.  Please take it with you!  Here is an overview:

The ideal spiritual guide for your children, perfectly adapted to their lives:

  • to accompany them on the path of daily prayer;
  • to help them develop and nourish their spiritual lives;
  • to hand on to them our rich Christian spiritual values;
  • to encourage them to participate fully in the life of the Church.

Every week, MagnifiKid offers:

  • All the readings and the prayers of the Sunday Mass with explanations of the difficult words and the meaning of the rituals;
  • suggested prayer for Morning and Evening;
  • Many suggestions on how to live the entire week with the Lord;



Tuesday, October 16 – 1st Reconciliation Class, 7 p.m.

Wednesday, Oct. 17 – Vision and Hearing Screening, 10:00-10:30

Friday, Oct. 19th – FREE DRESS, thank you from the Jog-a-Thon

Monday, Oct. 22nd – No School, Teacher Professional Development Day

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd – School Portrait Day


October blessings,

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson