Happy Easter All-Star Families,

It’s been fun this week to hear about the 2nd graders’ spring break adventures.  We had a busy week learning about plant adaptation, poetry and geometry.

Our Learning and Projects:

IMPORTANT: Native Plant Report:  Your child chose a NW native plant to research. Look up facts about the plant using the scientific name provided with your child. Help your child write 3 sentences that tell about what the plant looks like, where it grows, special features or interesting facts.  Draw or print a picture of the plant.  There is a rubric attached to the report, and we will share the reports Friday, April 20th.

NEW Science UNIT: We are learning how plants adapt to survive in their habitats and how plants spread their seeds or pollen. We started off by reviewing parts of a plant, what plants need to survive, and now we will be completing  a plant habitat booklet to show how plants adapt to their surroundings. Students watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy video about how plants grow and make their own food.

Reading and Writing: It’s Poetry Month! We are reading and writing  poetry all month. So far, students have learned acrostic poems, color poems, and then created a poem titled “Kids Pockets”.  We will continue with other types of poetry, and students are invited to write their own poems either at school or at home to add to the poetry book made at school.

Poetry Celebration Day on April 25-27 – Please help your child rehearse their poem over and over again until they have it memorized. Poems must be at least 8 lines. Have fun!

Math: We spent time on geometry with 2D and 3 shapes, and  will now be doing fractions, symmetry and arrays. Students practice their math facts daily in the classroom with checkpoints and XtraMath.

Religion:  Students are learning about the 7 sacraments, with an emphasis on First Communion.

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, April 17th, Greenwood Library Day
  • Tuesday, April 17th 6pm and 7pm, First Communion Bread Making Class
  • Thursday, April 19th, Jump Rope for Heart Kick Off Assembly
  • Monday, April 23rd, Beekeeper Guest Speaker visits
  • Tuesday, May 1st, Crowning of Mary – bring a flower
  • Monday, May 7th, First Communion Brunch for all 2nd Grade students


     Lent is here and we’re ready to “PRAY, FAST and GIVE for JESUS!”  The kids have written their Lenten Promises and will mark each day on our class and individual calendars through Lent.


PRAYER opportunities this Lent at school:

  • 5 minutes of silence
  • Primary prayer at 8:25
  • Stations of the Cross every Friday


FASTING opportunities this Lent :

  • fast from complaining
  • fast from blurting
  • fast from being mean
  • fast from whining
  • fast from video games
  • fast from watching TV

GIVING opportunities this Lent:

  • BRING tuna or peanut butter to Pike Place Market’s food bank
  • coat and soup drive from Saint Vincent dePaul food bank
  • Rice bowl giving- put change and bring to church or school during Holy Week.
  • Give to Catholic Community Services to support our homeless neighbors



Welcome back to school!  It has been wonderful to hear about and read the 2nd graders’ Christmas adventures with their Vacation News paragraphs.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time with family and friends.

What we’re learning:

Kindness Unit (Religion): In the book, Each Kindness, we hear a story about a left-out child and the lesson the other children learned from their missed opportunity to show kindness to her. The author uses the analogy of kindness being like a stone dropped in a pond. The ripples in the water are how kindness is spread out to others. We will be making Kindness Journals these next two weeks, and  read many different books about showing kindness.

Author Study Steve Jenkins: This non-fiction author writes facts and creates beautiful collage pictures of animals. We’ll have over 20 of his books in class to read. These books will kick off our animal report unit. This video shows how Steve Jenkins creates his amazing books. http://www.stevejenkinsbooks.com/making_books_video.html

Grammar: Plural nouns and collective nouns

Math: We’ve been practicing  how to add and subtract 3-digit numbers with regrouping.  Now, it’s time to learn telling time. Get out your analog clocks and start practicing telling time at home.  Students may wear non-beeping wrist watches to school.

Science and Writing:

Northwest Animal Report: For Common Core standard students are to do a research and writing project in 2nd Grade (W2.7). Starting the week of January 16th week, the students will be doing their own research and finding pictures at home for their project. Then, the final writing will be completed in class. This will be divided into sections with homework every night being a part of the research, and then we will be writing the final report in class. Please help your child do the research. The final reports will be presented to the class once the project is complete.  All the information and rubric will be sent home on January 16th. Students will be selecting their animal in class next week.

The final reports will on display at the Open House for Catholic School’s Week, January 28th from 12-1pm

Next Greenwood Library visit: Tuesday, January 9th at 12:30. Volunteers?

Vocations Guest Speakers needed for Catholic School’s Week, January 29th: Can you come and share about your job with the 2nd graders? We are flexible on the time of day. Contact me if you have share with us.

Pike Place Market Field Trip: I am requesting 4 volunteers to help chaperone our field trip February 22th, 9-1.   I will be giving priority to parents who haven’t have a chance to help yet.  Please let me know soon if you are able to help. Thank you!

Mrs. Gleeson and I thank you so very much for the lovely card and gift of Scrip. We really enjoy being in the classroom with your children – they are such a nice group and make us smile every day. Thanks for your thoughtfulness!


Happy New Year!  I pray that you have a happy, healthy and peaceful 2018!

Pat Hendrickson

December – Looking back

                    Some great memories of the end of December:

All-Stars concluded the year with the Advent season.  During this time, students learned about a liturgical calendar, Advent activities including an Advent prayer/singing time every morning with the entire primary department, and a special highlight of participating in the December 8th Mass with their buddies.



  • So many great units to practice our Reading and Writing skills in the month of December!  Corduroy by Don Freeman was a compare/contrast of Corduroy story to Corduroy movie, and then their own special bear from home for comparison to Corduroy.
  • Next, we learned about the great author, Tomie DePaola.  Students learned about his life, character study within a variety of his many books, and wrote the beginning, middle, and end of the story, The Art Lesson.
  • Finally, students had many activities for the  The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.  This is a great story for using writing skills, including writing for detail and adjectives for description.  They also made story maps, compared their own thoughts to the story and wrote what their first gift of Christmas would be, and ended the unit with receiving a bell saying “Just Believe”, the theme of the story.  Some of the 2nd grade common core of Science Engineering was added to this by bringing in a variety of things to make a bell.  Many students had success, and it was fun to see their creativity.


In addition to using writing from the  stories, students wrote a December journal on such writing prompts as “describe your favorite ornament on your tree,”    “how to make a candy cane” , and “why does Santa have a beard.?”.


All-Stars continually practice  Math facts with either their own way of learning,  or using XtraMath so that by the end of the year  students can quickly add and subtract to 20.  Students also have been completing 2-digit addition and subtraction problems, and the next step is to do 3-digit.  


I am sure the highlight of the vacation, other than Christmas, was all the snow we had in Seattle.  (This  sounds like this is a great topic for January when we return to school!)


New Year’s blessings to all,

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson


December 8

Today is the feast day of the Immaculate Conception, a special day in December to honor Mary.  Students in grade 2 and 5 (our buddies)  were excited to plan the Mass, and it was beautiful, as witnessed by many parents who joined us.

The plan began with 2nd graders either coloring or designing their own picture of Mary (many great artists), and then getting together with their buddies to  write  a paragraph about the meaning of Mary,  which was  posted on the back of the picture. As they processed  into church side by side with their buddies, students went to the altar, holding their pictures and paragraphs as a poster.  All 100 students were on the altar at the same time, an impressive way to begin.

There were 2nd/5th grade readers for the beginning of the celebration, the 1st and 2nd readings, intercessions, homily, singers, gift bearers and greeters – everyone participated, and they used their gifts/talents to let their light shine in the Mass.  A great opportunity well done by all 4 classes!


In honor of Mary, St. Gabriel of the Lady of  Sorrows (1838-1862) wrote these beautiful words that were read by students as part of the homily:

Love Mary

She is loveable, faithful, constant. She will never let herself be outdone in love, but will ever remain supreme. If you are in danger, she will hasten to free you. If you are troubled, she will console you. If you are sick she will bring you relief, If you are in need, she will help you.

She does not look to see what kind of person you have been. She simply comes to a heart that wants to love her. She comes quickly and opens her merciful Heart to you, embraces you, consoles and serves you. She will even be on hand to accompany you on the trip to eternity.

(Thank you St. Gabriel Possenti)

October Newsletter

All Star Friends and Family,

So many things have happened in October, and this is some of the highlights to share with you:


  • October is Rosary month, and we have been saying a decade of the rosary every day to complete saying one rosary a week, with special intentions  including Father Crispin, victims of the hurricanes, fires,  and floods, and students own private intentions.  The special person of the week then enjoys  being the leader of the rosary.
  • Besides saying the rosary in the classroom, families of first and second graders made their own rosary, and they are now all on display in Egan lunchroom.  Please stop by and see the creativity and design of them.
  • I Can Pray booklets came home with their own special prayers for  families, friends, communities, country and the world.  Those special prayers were then added to the daily prayers.
  • Many students have been attending evening classes for receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation, and their special day is October 21 so please pray for them.


  • Our focus has been to continue to do XtraMath for fact practice, and students are enjoying it as well as  learning their math facts.  2nd grade standard is to quickly know your addition and subtraction facts to 20 by the end of the year.
  • Lots of time has been spent on place value, which is the beginning of 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction.  Sorting, using popsicle sticks in groups of 10, and now place value blocks all help in understanding of the concept.


  • Our current reading skills are finding the beginning, middle, and end of a story, and then selecting the main idea and details for each paragraph.
  • Of course we read every day and practice fluency.  This week we will all have a part in a reader’s theater, a fun way to practice fluency.
  • Greenwood library once a month is something the students look forward to every month to find a good fit book, and our next visit will be November 7th.


  • We continue to use the 5Ws (who, what, where, when and why), a 2nd grade core standard, to write our week-end news.  The students are getting better every week using capitals and periods as well as longer paragraphs!
  • We just completed our first “mini” book for 2nd grade on Friends, and the booklet will be there for you to see when you come to your child’s conference.

Social Studies

  • Our studying map skills came to an end with the assessment,” make your own map of foot island” with all the parts required on a map!  We will now move on to landforms.
  • Flat Stanley is a very important part of our Social Studies, and he has now visited our classroom twice.  The students and class enjoyed seeing all the things received from the trip, and are wondering where will the next Flat Stanley come from?

Enjoy the remainder of October, and I am looking forward to our visit at student conferences this week.


Pat Hendrickson

September Newsletter for the All-Stars

We are well on our way to a great 2nd grade year.  The All-Stars have been reviewing many things including:

  • Choosing good-fit books and returning them
  • Writing their heading on their paper
  • What to do when they are finished with an assignment
  • Following the class rules
  • And many more routines
  • September’s learning:
  • Religion:          We are learning and practicing different ways of prayer including:
  • Memorized prayers: morning, lunch and afternoon prayer, and the Act of Contrition (I’m Sorry Prayer).
  • Prayers of intention
  • Places to pray
  • Saying thank you to God in prayer
  • Preparation classes in the evening for First Reconciliation


  • Review short and long vowels patterns
  • Practicing choosing a good-fit book
  • daily phonic lessons in our workbook which reviews sound/symbol and content.
  • Practice using reading strategies- check for understanding, retell a story, back up and reread and make predictions


  • Math fact strategies and vocabulary
    • Counting on (8 + 3 is 8, 9, 10, 11)
    • Counting back (12 – 3 is 12, 11, 10, 9)
    • Reviewing addition
    • XtraMath in order to learn facts
  • Mathletics and xtramath.org will soon be homework
  • Coming in October: Place value to 1,000

Handwriting– Daily practice of printing letters as a review


  • Work on Writing- working on building stamina for writing and thinking of ideas to write about.
  • Writing Prompts
  • Writing Narrative Stories (Week-end News) which is writing about what you did on the weekend using the 5Ws and paragraphs
  • Grammar –
    • How to write a complete sentence
    • types of sentences
    • using punctuation and capitals in every sentence

Social Studies– Where in the world is Flat Stanley? I hope Stanley is on his way to a great adventure! If not, send him ASAP. We are learning how to read maps so that we know where Stanley went. Map skills include locating continents, oceans, countries, using a compass rose and legend (key).

Science– We will begin learning about landforms in October.

Read Aloud Book: My Father’s Dragon and comprehension activities.

Spelling: We are working on spelling in class.  Spelling homework will begin the week of October 2nd.

Dates to Remember:

October 3rd, Greenwood Library Field Trip : GET LIBRARY card ASAP

MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) are schedule the week of October 2-5.   Do not schedule appoints between 8:30-10 that week.

Mrs. Hendrickson




2nd Grade All-Stars!

We are the All-Stars:  everyone in our room is a 
star, shining different lights as a gift from God 
for all to enjoy!

Welcome to 2nd Grade!  I am looking forward to a 
new class and an opportunity to meet everyone.  Be sure to attend Curriculum Night, 
Thursday, September 7th at 7pm 
to learn all about second grade.

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson 

May Newsletter

We’ve been having a wonderful time reading and writing fables, folktales and fairy tales the past few weeks.  We have finished  publishing our fractured fairy tale this week, and they will be on display at the OPEN HOUSE this Thursday, June 1st before and after school.

Our Learning:

Religion:  We have been studying the 7 sacraments with the meaning of each and a symbol to remind us of the sacrament.  Also, booklets are studied in the classroom every week and then come home every Friday to take to Mass and follow along in addition to the meaning of the gospels.

Science: States of Matter Unit (solids, liquids and gases).  We’ll be doing  explorations of solids and liquids for our 2nd grade standards.  Your child is invited to do an extra credit JELLO project due this Friday.  Your child will get to see all three states of matter while making the yummy treat for your family.  I hope you can do this fun activity together!

Social Studies: We’re making a Flat Stanley book to document Flat Stanley’s travels this year.

Writing: Persuasive writing – What’s your favorite candy?  The 2nd graders will write a persuasive paragraph to convince their classmates to vote for their candy.  We’ll share and vote for the class’ favorite.

MAP Tests and STAR reading test: The results will be with your child’s report card this is issued on the last day of school.

OPEN HOUSE: This Thursday, June 1st 7:45-8:15 and 3:00-3:30.  Come see the 2nd Graders’ communities, Flat Stanley projects, poetry books, fractured fairy tales, and the All-Star posters during the year!

The year is ending of being an All-Star student in second grade.  Your child has learned a lot this year, and I thank you for all your support.

Have a great summer,

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson



It’s Holy Week!  We are spending every day this week doing our school work for Jesus.   We made a timeline of Jesus’ life from birth to Easter.  For Good Friday the school will “unplug”, so no computers, document cameras , etc and we will have have all-school Stations of the Cross at 2pm.  We will have silent dismissal on Good Friday.  I hope you’ll come to the Holy Thursday mass at 7pm and Good Friday service at 7pm.  Have a blessed Holy Week!

Our learning:

Math: Measurement unit which includes

  • measuring in centimeters and inches.
  • estimating length and checking your estimate
  • Making a measurement book for inches and centimeters

S.S. Communities Unit started this week :  We will learn…

  • a community needs places people live, work, learn, play and worship
  • communities can be urban, suburban or rural
  • how to plan, design and build a community map in a small group.

Science: Plant Habitats and Pollination   We learned…

  • learn how plants adapt to survive.
  • Read a variety of books about habitats
  • learned names of plants, identify pictures and draw plants from rainforests, plains, wetlands, forests and deserts.
  • Created a flipbook to share what we’ve learned
  • learned about pollinators from Britt, the beekeeper, and watched Wings of Life documentary about pollinators. We wrote thank-you letters to Britt.

Author Day was a great success!  The kids did a skype session with Patrick Jennings and asked him many questions about being an author.  We wrote thank you letters to Mr. Jennings.  Please thank Kari Aguila for organizing this great event!

Reading and Writing Poetry in April:   We will learn…

  • Poetry creates a picture in your mind
  • Poetry makes you feel emotions
  • It doesn’t have to rhyme
  • Line breaks are used to organize the poem
  • Poetry is meant to be read aloud
  • Poetry can sound like music


  • Virtue of the Month: Forgiveness
  • Holy Week story
  • Timeline of Jesus’ life
  • Psalm 23
  • Sacrament of Eucharist

Handwriting: continue learning capital letters

Student Portfolios: Your child has created many amazing projects this year that are being filed in a portfolio.  It includes projects such as: animal report, saint report, student biography, Jesus timeline and more.  These will be taken home at the end of May.

First Communion scrolls are due at the night of the bread-making session, April 25th.  If your child wants to, you and your child will get to share the scroll in a small group at the bread-making session.  They will be on display during the 1st communion reception.

Mrs. Hendrickson