2nd Grade All-Stars!

We are the All-Stars:  everyone in our room is a 
star, shining different lights as a gift from God 
for all to enjoy!

Welcome to 2nd Grade!  I am looking forward to a 
new class and an opportunity to meet everyone.  Be sure to attend Curriculum Night, 
Thursday, September 7th at 7pm 
to learn all about second grade.

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson 

May Newsletter

We’ve been having a wonderful time reading and writing fables, folktales and fairy tales the past few weeks.  We have finished  publishing our fractured fairy tale this week, and they will be on display at the OPEN HOUSE this Thursday, June 1st before and after school.

Our Learning:

Religion:  We have been studying the 7 sacraments with the meaning of each and a symbol to remind us of the sacrament.  Also, booklets are studied in the classroom every week and then come home every Friday to take to Mass and follow along in addition to the meaning of the gospels.

Science: States of Matter Unit (solids, liquids and gases).  We’ll be doing  explorations of solids and liquids for our 2nd grade standards.  Your child is invited to do an extra credit JELLO project due this Friday.  Your child will get to see all three states of matter while making the yummy treat for your family.  I hope you can do this fun activity together!

Social Studies: We’re making a Flat Stanley book to document Flat Stanley’s travels this year.

Writing: Persuasive writing – What’s your favorite candy?  The 2nd graders will write a persuasive paragraph to convince their classmates to vote for their candy.  We’ll share and vote for the class’ favorite.

MAP Tests and STAR reading test: The results will be with your child’s report card this is issued on the last day of school.

OPEN HOUSE: This Thursday, June 1st 7:45-8:15 and 3:00-3:30.  Come see the 2nd Graders’ communities, Flat Stanley projects, poetry books, fractured fairy tales, and the All-Star posters during the year!

The year is ending of being an All-Star student in second grade.  Your child has learned a lot this year, and I thank you for all your support.

Have a great summer,

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson



It’s Holy Week!  We are spending every day this week doing our school work for Jesus.   We made a timeline of Jesus’ life from birth to Easter.  For Good Friday the school will “unplug”, so no computers, document cameras , etc and we will have have all-school Stations of the Cross at 2pm.  We will have silent dismissal on Good Friday.  I hope you’ll come to the Holy Thursday mass at 7pm and Good Friday service at 7pm.  Have a blessed Holy Week!

Our learning:

Math: Measurement unit which includes

  • measuring in centimeters and inches.
  • estimating length and checking your estimate
  • Making a measurement book for inches and centimeters

S.S. Communities Unit started this week :  We will learn…

  • a community needs places people live, work, learn, play and worship
  • communities can be urban, suburban or rural
  • how to plan, design and build a community map in a small group.

Science: Plant Habitats and Pollination   We learned…

  • learn how plants adapt to survive.
  • Read a variety of books about habitats
  • learned names of plants, identify pictures and draw plants from rainforests, plains, wetlands, forests and deserts.
  • Created a flipbook to share what we’ve learned
  • learned about pollinators from Britt, the beekeeper, and watched Wings of Life documentary about pollinators. We wrote thank-you letters to Britt.

Author Day was a great success!  The kids did a skype session with Patrick Jennings and asked him many questions about being an author.  We wrote thank you letters to Mr. Jennings.  Please thank Kari Aguila for organizing this great event!

Reading and Writing Poetry in April:   We will learn…

  • Poetry creates a picture in your mind
  • Poetry makes you feel emotions
  • It doesn’t have to rhyme
  • Line breaks are used to organize the poem
  • Poetry is meant to be read aloud
  • Poetry can sound like music


  • Virtue of the Month: Forgiveness
  • Holy Week story
  • Timeline of Jesus’ life
  • Psalm 23
  • Sacrament of Eucharist

Handwriting: continue learning capital letters

Student Portfolios: Your child has created many amazing projects this year that are being filed in a portfolio.  It includes projects such as: animal report, saint report, student biography, Jesus timeline and more.  These will be taken home at the end of May.

First Communion scrolls are due at the night of the bread-making session, April 25th.  If your child wants to, you and your child will get to share the scroll in a small group at the bread-making session.  They will be on display during the 1st communion reception.

Mrs. Hendrickson




It is almost March, and this is a busy time for our All-Stars.

In Social Studies we will be  studying Community so we began our unit by reading our Economics book to use words in our vocabulary like consumer , producer, goods, needs and wants. We will continue with our text, but what a wonderful way to learn about communities than our own here in Seattle, Pike Place Market.  I am sure you heard about their exciting field trip, and many parents were even asked to go there on the week-end by their children.  Ask your child other vocabulary words like buskers, day stall, high stall, and craftsperson from PPM. Soon, we will be building our own communities in the classroom!

For Math, we are completing graphs like pictographs, bar graphs, circle graphs and grids.  The next unit will be money, and your help is always helpful.  Counting coins, buying a good in the grocery store and paying for it in coins, and playing money games at home all help for a better understanding.

Reading and Writing this week will be with Dr. Seuss.    His birthday is March 2 so we will learn about his life and that he had more to offer than teaching how to read.  We use our writing skills to compare and contrast some of his books, and study inference with the themes.

Religion is our main focus for March, with Ash Wednesday starting the Lenten season.  Students have been thinking of how they can use prayer, fasting, and almsgiving for 40 days.  Monday – Thursday we gather with the other primary grades in the morning for praying and a song.  Then at the end of our day on Friday, students will go to church for the Stations of the Cross.

Lastly with the hard work of many, our Accreditation Team will now be here for 3 days this week so we can share with them how wonderful our school and community is, and that St. John School is the best!  Dress Uniform is required for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; school dismisses at 2:00 this Friday in order to meet with the team before they leave.

As Dr. Seuss would say,

“Today was good.  Today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one.”


Mrs. Pat Hendrickson





All-Star Families,

January was a busy month for learning, and students participated in…

  • Nouns, plural and possessive, both in Spelling and Grammar lessons
  • Much practice on 2-digit subtraction and how to check for the correct answer
  • Writing cursive strokes
  • Writing an animal report, followed by presenting it to the class
  • 10 commandments

Valentine’s Day:  We will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, February 14th.  It is your child’s choice whether they would like to write their classmates’ names on the envelopes or just sign their own name on the card.  Please make sure to include everyone.  Your child is welcome to send the cards to school early in a bag with their name on it for safe keeping at school.  Please do not add edible treats, rather, stickers, pencils, bookmarks are a better choice.

Greenwood Library:  We will be going to the library Tuesday, February 7th.  Please make sure all the books are returned by that day so your child does not get fined.  Then, due to renovation of the library, we will not be going to the library in March or April, but the librarian has requested to do the reading portion in the classroom.  What a special treat for everyone.

February notes:

  • Valentine’s Day celebrated February 14, Tuesday
  • Winter break :  February 16, dismissed at noon, then return February 22
  • Pike Place Market: February 23.  Please bring 1 can of food for their food bank, a coat, and coins ONLY for Rachel the Pig (optional).  This is a school uniform day.
  • Attend the State of the School for parents

Thank you – Thank you so much for all of your prayers and notes during my absence, and for the beautiful flowers on my desk from Catholic School’ Week.

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson









All-Star Families,

This is the time of the year that students now get involved in their learning, are responsible students, and enjoy all the wonderful projects and writings that we do.  As a teacher, it shows that everything is now coming together, and students enjoy learning.

The next two months we will have Accreditation visitors coming to observe how our school is meeting various standards.  This is our time to celebrate what a great school we have and show off a bit.  Ask your child, “What are the SLEs” (Christ-Centered person, Active Learner and Empowered Disciple)?  The visitors are looking for examples of how we show our Catholic identity and how students exhibit SLEs.  The Pre-Visit is Monday, January 23.  This will be a DRESS UNIFORM DAY.  The teachers will meet the Visiting Team, and they will get a tour of our school.  The official visit is March 1-3.

***Hot Lunch Reminder:  DO NOT order hot lunch on February 23 as we will not be back from our field trip until after lunch.

TUESDAY:  Greenwood library field trip at 12:20.

WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY:  Measure of Academic Progress (MAP testing) from 8:30-10:00.  Please make sure your child is present during this time.  Thank you!

Catholic Schools Week Open House:  Sunday, January 29th after Mass.  We have been working hard to show you our great classroom so please put it on your calendar to attend!

What have we been learning:

  • Writing cursive strokes
  • Writing animal reports and a story of our own following the Writing Process
  • Grammar/Spelling:  how we make  nouns plural
  • Subtracting two-digit numbers with and without regrouping
  • Religion:  10 commandments

Enjoy the New Year,

Mrs. Hendrickson


Take time to laugh, to hug, to cry.

Take time to wish, to dream, to hope.

Take time to wonder, to reflect, to remember.

Take time to talk, to listen, to share.

Time is a gift.

Take time for love this Christmas.

Merry Christmas,

Mrs. Hendrickson

November News

Happy Thanksgiving,

A favorite holiday for many is Thanksgiving, a time to reflect and be thankful for the many things God has given us, spending time with family and friends, and having a traditional meal.  I am thankful for all of you, the opportunity to teach, and the St. John community of parents, friends, and teachers.

Some of the higlhights of 2nd grade All-Star classroom:

  • Religion
    • Saints -We explored the Kids and Saints website, http://www.ainglkiss.com/saints/gl.htm. and then each student will give a report on the saint of their choice. Please have your child practice saying their report at home so they’ll be ready to share on Monday.
    •  Liturgical Calendar  –  We discuss the calendar as the church season, beginning with Advent, the colors used for each season, and then made our own to take home and use.
    • We continue to say a decade of the rosary for special intentions.
  • Math
    • Currently we are learning to tell time on both  digital and analog clocks.
    • Math facts are frequently practiced as checkpoints in order to reach our common core of “fluently recall addition and subtraction facts to 20”.
  • Reading/Writing
    • Reading a story or completing a worksheet, using the reading skill locating the  Main idea and Details.
    • Reading articles to locate the 5Ws – who, what, where, when, why.
    • Writing skills with beginning, middle, and end of a paragraph using worksheets with word banks, writing prompts, and now beginning to focus on our own writing with the skills learned.
  • Social Studies
    • Our Civics in second grade is the branches of the government, and later will continue when we complete  “Building our Community” in the spring.
    • Our election coverage was what the requirements are to be a president and the process of the election (with no mention of names).
    • Our current Social Studies is the history of Thanksgiving. The 2nd graders have been learning about Pilgrims to prepare for Thanksgiving. We have read several books, been on a Virtual Field Trip to the Mayflower, Plimoth Plantation and a Wampanoag village.   We have had class discussions about what it would have been like in 1620 for the Pilgrims. We’ll are creating a Thanksgiving “Then and Now” booklet to summarize what we’ve learned. Check out this scholastic website we used to learn about Pilgrims and Wampanoag. http://www.scholastic.com/scholastic_thanksgiving/
    • Spelling/Phonics
      • Compound words
      • Completing long and short vowel sounds review

Advent Prayer

Beginning Monday, November 29th the entire school will gather for Advent morning prayer every Monday in the church at 8:25. Second graders will head straight to the church at 8:15. Please do your best to be on time. If you are late, please come directly to the church. We will be sitting in the front on the left hand side facing the altar if you need to meet us there.  Then the first thing in the morning on Tuesday – Friday, we gather in the Kindergarten room for our Primary Department Advent.


November 21st- Thanksgiving Mass and Dress Uniform

November 21st- Seattle Public Library books are due

November 28th at 8:25 – Advent Prayer in the church every Monday

November 29th- Greenwood Library field trip at 12:30-1:30

December 1st – report cards issued


A special thank you to all who have brought in food for our Thanksgiving Food Drive, and for all that attended that made Grandparents/Friends Day so wonderful.

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson







October News

Conferences went well, and I thank you so much for taking the time to attend with your child. Highlights were Student Learning Expectations through your child’s eyes, MAP testing results, and a personal focus on your child in the classroom. For parents not attending the conference, please stop by to get your child’s results.


October happenings in 2nd grade include

  • Math
    • Making a pumpkin glyph and then completing a class graph with the information
    • Greater than/less than with candy corn
    • How we can best learn math facts to 20
    • Place Value
    • 1,000 Math Facts Club
  • Spelling/Phonics
    • Reviewing long vowels
    • Compound words
    • R consonant blends
    • Practicing our spelling words
  • Reading Skills
    • Characters – Write about a scarecrow giving it a personality, then draw what you wrote.
    • Comparing and contrasting stories
    • Selecting good fit books
    • Using a glossary to find unfamiliar words
    • Fluency practice with partners and teacher
  • Social Studies/Science
    • Studying maps including Me On the Map and Barefoot Island
    • Landforms – types, homework with parents on a landform, and finishing by making a Washington Landform book
  • Religion
    • Praying a decade of the rosary every day, making it a completed rosary by Friday.
    • Reconciliation – Many classes, followed by practices and then getting to receive the sacrament. For those that wanted to share their experience in the classroom, it reminded me of how wonderful children are. The experiences seemed to be similar: “Kinda scared, Father made it easy for me, and I felt so good afterwards”.
    • Virtue – Friendship, and how this means helping the people you like to be good.

We will be going to Greenwood Library on November 1st to pick a good fit book. Make sure to turn the books in by the deadline so that you won’t be fined!


Pat Hendrickson




September 9 News

Hello Parents,

It was great to meet you on Curriculum Night!  As you could see, we are off to a fabulous start in 2nd Grade.  Thank you to all of you who expressed interest in helping with projects and volunteering.  Here is a review of the most important information shared that night:

  • Homework begins 9/12/16 with reading only. Regular schedule homework will begin 9/19/16.
  • Jog-a-thon Friday, September 16th– Free dress day
  • Greenwood Library Visits begin October 4th- complete library card application ASAP
    • Permission Slip will come home next week.
  • Flat Stanley- Choose someone to mail Flat Stanley to that will take Stanley around their town, take photos and write about their adventure.
    • Projects will be shared in class by March 1st or earlier.
  • We are a NUT FREE classroom- Nut free snacks only!
  • Student Work sent home in Take Home Folder; return daily.
    • Some work is saved in portfolios to be shared at the end of the year.
  • Social Skills and Self Regulation lessons this month from 2nd Step Curriculum and Have You Filled A Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud
    • Focus on friendship skills, impulse control, strategy to calm down

Volunteers are still needed for Friday Math Centers (12-1), substitute library helper on Thursday (2:30-3:00), someone to organize SignupGenius for the classroom, and some Greenwood library visits are still available. Please email me if interested in helping, and if you already volunteered, thank you, and please remind me who you are and what you volunteered for!


Mrs. Hendrickson