February News

Learning and  fun!  Here are some reminders about Valentine’s Day and what we’ve been learning:

Valentine’s Day – We will celebrate Thursday, February 13th.  No school on Friday for Teacher Retreat Day.

  1. Secret Valentine card exchange – due tomorrow, February 12th. Your child pulled a classmate’s name so that they can make a special Valentine for them.
    • Steps:
      • Decorate one side
      • Write a friendly message to tell why this person is special – no names
      • Bring by Wednesday, February 12th.
    •  Pajama Day also on Thursday!Your child may wear pajamas because the “principal for day” decreed it on Purple and Gold Day
    • Pajama Day Parameters:
      • If not pajamas, students should dress in school uniform
      • Sweat pants, shorts, and athletic wear okay
      • Onesies okay
      • Pajamas cannot be too large, low rise, too long, too short, low cut, too tight, oversize, or too small. Gaps between pants and top are not permitted. There should be no holes, tears, or other signs of excessive wear
      • Flip flops, slippers, and sandals are not permitted, even on pajama day
      • No face paint, no painted hair

Our Learning last week:

  • 3-digit subtraction using the regrouping strategy
  • We learned how to use addition to check subtraction answers.
  • cursive –We learned many of the small letters.
  • Pike Place Market: We learned about what you can visit at the market, explored an international touch kit and found where they were from on a map, and learned about Rachel the Piggy bank, then made our own Pigs on Parade art.
  • You can use the Family Guide for visiting Pike Place Market:



This Week:

  • President’s Day– we’re reading So You Want to be President? to learn about past presidents.
  • Safety Lesson– Rule 1: Only go with an adult with your parent’s permission.  Rule 2: You don’t have to do what adults say if it is unsafe.
  • Wednesday: Peacemaker lesson by Mrs. Dahlgren
  • All School Mass @ 9am.  You are welcome to join us!
  • Greenwood library – check out a book and write a book report.
  • Kelso – Walk Away lesson with Ms. Shaw.


Happy Valentine’s Day,

Mrs. Hendrickson