January News

Hello Parents!

We’ve been working hard all week to prepare for Catholic Schools Week.  The kick-off for Catholic Schools Week starts on Sunday!  Please be sure to join us for 10:30 Mass on Sunday, January 26th, and for the Open House 12-1:30. Come see our animals reports based off the author, Steve Jenkins.  He creates life-like animal art using collage.

Catholic Schools Week Schedule

Monday: Service and Outreach Day – Bring $1 for Ashley, our sponsor child from Costa Rica.  Wear Costa Rica colors – red, white and blue – or uniform.

Tuesday: Celebrate our Volunteers Day –uniform

Wednesday: Celebrate the Dignity of People Day-uniform

Thursday: Celebrate Our Teachers – Dress like a teacher day and bring in a flower or uniform

Friday: Purple and Gold Day- free lunch for students and all school assembly @ 1:30.  Wear purple and gold!

*****Vocations Guest Speakers needed for Catholic School’s Week, Jan. 28-Feb. 1: ***Can you come and share about your job with the 2nd graders?  We are flexible on the time of day.  Contact me if you have share with us.

Our introduction to Costa Rica – Vanessa Castillo was a fabulous guest speaker!  She is from Costa Rica and shared her story of growing up there.  She wore a beautiful dress, showed us pictures, maps and even gave us a little poison dart frog toy.

Our Learning this month:

Author Study Steve Jenkins: This author writes facts and creates beautiful collage pictures of animals. We’ve had over 30 of his books in class to read.  This video show how Steve Jenkins creates is amazing books.  http://www.stevejenkinsbooks.com/making_books_video.html

Our Learning This Month:

  • Math: 2 subtraction using the regrouping strategy
  • Religion: Learning the Morning Offering prayer
  • Religion: Praying every morning (Morning Offering) and our special intentions (Hail Mary), Before and After Meals, and End of the Day (Act of Contrition).  We continue to go to church for Adoration and use our virtues for “What Would Jesus do?”.
  • Reading: Nonfiction skills using  Steve Jenkins’ books.
  • Writing: Non- fiction: book reports, research information, writing about the author, applying a book information from Steve Jenkins (What Would You Do With a Tail Like this?) Fiction: reviewing details in fiction, writing a story about a Snowman
  • Social Studies – lessons about Australia (prays for animals affected by fires) and Costa Rica (home country of our Unbound friend, Ashley)

I hope to see you Sunday at the Open House!  Your child has been working very hard to share!  Be sure to look at the hallway bulletin boards for our Australian board and our 2nd Grade board – so many pictures!