November News

Congratulations to our 2nd graders for receiving their First Reconciliation!  God has blessed them with His love and forgiveness.  We will participate in reconciliation during the upcoming Advent season.

I enjoyed meeting with all of you at conferences.  Your children are wonderful and they love to learn!  Please contact me anytime during the year if you’d like to check in.

Our Learning

Math: Continue working on place value, skip counting and #s up to 1,000 and Math Facts.  New skill: adding 2 digit numbers. This is an important part of the common core for second grade, continuing on with 2 digit subtraction, and then 3 digit numbers for adding and subtracting.

Religion:  The virtue of the month is generosity, and many students have shown this by bringing in food for our Food Drive, and bringing money for the St. John Parish Unbound Project.  As we celebrate our theme this year of  Be Kind and the virtues of the Holy Spirit, a World Kindness Day  was created on November 13.  Hopefully, this will show students at our school the importance of being kind to others.  We also go to church every Thursday for Adoration. It is so heartwarming to see 55 students and about 8 adults praying, and not one sound can be heard while we are there.

Social Skills

Ms. Shaw, school counselor,  taught us the “Talk it Out” strategy.  We did role-playing to practice this strategy to solve small problems.

I feel _____ when you _____. Can you please __________?

Mrs. Dahlgren, our recess manager, taught two lessons about friendship and tolerance with Peacemakers.

In the classroom, we are doing a program called Second Step.  There are 3 units, and there is a Family Home Link letter that comes home for you to practice these important skills at home as we do them in class as well as to inform you of the lessons.

Social StudiesWe completed our Washington State landform book and took a test to show what we learned. New Learning: This week we began learning about Thanksgiving today and Thanksgiving in 1621, so we can put together a Now and Then poster before Thanksgiving.

Writing: . We continue to write our weekend news with the who, what, where and when.  We have now added grammar skills and the main idea with 3 details to our writing.  For our Thanksgiving writings, students are given a writing prompt, and they are to complete them mostly with their imagination.  Today I learned that out of 23 students, only one knew that pumpkin came in a can.  Most students when writing how to make a pumpkin pie, said to get a pumpkin from the store and “smash” it.  I can hardly wait until reading tomorrows prompt, “How to convince your mom to make pizza for Thanksgiving dinner!”

With only a week and a half until the day of Thanksgiving, I wish all of you special blessings for the holiday.  May you enjoy your children that you gave to me to guide them in learning, and for everyone to be thankful for what they have, and show gratitude to others.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson