September 16

All-Star Parents,

It was great to see so many parents on Curriculum Night!  We are off to a fantastic start in 2nd Grade.  Here is a review of the most important information shared that night.

  • Flat Stanley and Flat Self came home on Friday!  Mail the manilla envelope to a friend or relative, hopefully not in the state of Washington as soon as possible.  Choose someone who is out of state or out of the U.S.  When Flat Stanley returns home, tell Mrs. Hendrickson.  Your child will get a form and a date to share with the class.  At the end of the year, both classes have a Flat Stanley Open House, and all the exciting things will be on display for you to see.
  • Student work is sent home daily in the folder.  Please take time to look at it so you know what your child is learning, take all papers out (except homework) and return the folder the next day.
  • HOMEWORK begins this week.  Please follow the directions given on Curriculum Night, and it is returned the next day in the folder unless otherwise stated.
  • Good-fit books.  We reviewed how to choose a good-fit book and spent time reading every day.  When going to either Greenwood Library (September 24) or St. John Library, students are required to have at least 1 good fit book for the classroom.
  • Religion.  On Friday, your child will read a weekly magazine called MagnifiKid, given to us by St. John Parish. Please take it to Mass with you every week and have your child follow along.

Mrs. Pat Hendrickson