September 6

Welcome back to school!  It’s been a busy, fun first week of 2nd Grade.  I’m looking forward to meeting all of you at Curriculum Night.  Be sure to come so you can hear all about 2nd grade, our projects, field trips and volunteer opportunities.

Curriculum Night – Please join us on Thursday, September 12, 7pm, in Egan Hall.


After school pick-up location change

Starting Monday, pick up your child at the morning drop off spot. We need adults to come to our line for pick up as we are still getting to know parents.  Do not have your child run to you.  Instead meet us along the fence and then have you child let us know so we are sure your child has been picked up and by the right person!

Playpit after school

Only supervised children are allowed in the playpitafter school from 3-3:15.  No teachers are supervising the playpit after school.  When the whistle blows, exit the playpit so the daycare can use the space.  Thank you!

Jog-a-thon fundraising starts now!                                                                             Thank you for supporting our school.

Specialist Schedule – Starting Monday, your child will have the following specialist schedule:

     Music & PE – Monday and Tuesday, 8:45-9:45

     Spanish – Wednesday, 8:45-9:15

     Library-  Thursdays, 2:10-2:50 (Great time to volunteer)

     Art – Thursday, 1:20-2:05


See you Curriculum Night,

Mrs. Hendrickson